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Customization of Brand New Units

If you need a dehumidifier that is customized to suit your needs, you may want to consider a private label. Uni-P Dry offers customization services that allow you to manufacture dehumidifiers, air scrubbers, and air movers under private brands and colors. To take advantage of our customization services, you will take the following steps:

Provide us with the specifications according to your needs. This will facilitate the confirmation of the basic construction design.

Our engineers will commence the prototype assembly system testing. Once they are satisfied with the results, they will then optimize it.

Our engineers will prepare a 3D model drawing of each of the orders placed.

If the 3D model meets your requirements, we will prepare the modifying process.

After receiving your approval, we will optimize your custom unit.

Once they land in our NC warehouse, every dehumidifier will be put through a comprehensive testing process.

In the final stage, the inventory will either be collected or stored at our warehouse to be shipped when needed (in pallet quantities only).

At this stage, there will be two options: collecting the inventory as a whole, or storing it at our warehouse facility to be shipped when needed (but only in pallet quantities).