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We Offer a Wealth of Benefits

Direct From Manufacturer

Uni-P Dry is proud to sell merchandise directly to our customers. We strive to provide value, industry-leading features and performance, and exceptional customer service.

Uni-P Dry has set up convenient subsidiaries in several warehouses overseas. For locations that are not included in our subsidy, we utilize International Express, and cover all associated shipping costs. Distributors will not be responsible for additional charges for ocean freight or land carriage.

If you are interested in becoming a reseller, distributor, or authorized service center, please contact us for more information! We work with distributors all across the world to ensure that our products are accessible for all.

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Protection, Support, Marketing, Leads, and B2C Sales

Uni-P Dry has created a sophisticated online platform to promote their products, increase sales, and expand their sales channels. By becoming a Uni-P Dry distributor, you will have access to those same online resources to quickly expand your market. The online networks you will have access to include an official website, B2C online shops, Google adwords, SNS, Youtube, and more!

Distributors who reach their sales target within the first year will receive a signed agreement for exclusive rights. All inquiries from a Uni-P Dry B2C platform will be directed to Uni-P Dry’s warehouse to place an order.

This process allows us to share a substantial profit with our distributors in different locations.

Private Label & Customization For Brand-New Units

Private label allows customers to build a machine that suits their needs, and presents a unique design using their private brand, colors, and design. If you plan to manufacture a custom dehumidifier, air mover, or air scrubber, Uni-P Dry is happy to act as your private label manufacturer.

We can ship custom units anywhere in the world, so please contact us for more information if you are interested in creating a private label unit!


5 Years Warranty and New Unit Re-Dispatch

We are dedicated to providing quality products and superior after-sales service. All of our high-quality equipment is designed to suit your needs. Our durable designs ensure that your unit will maintain its appearance and functionality for many years to come. We guarantee your 100% satisfaction with our 5-year warranty, and exceptional after-sales service from our dedicated customer service team.

If the unit fails or cannot be repaired, we will arrange a pickup of the unit, and ship you a new unit with a brand new warranty!

Warranty & Warranty Registration

Video Center Shows How to Use & Maintain Equipment

In addition to our high-quality water damage restoration equipment, we also offer a variety of how-to videos to demonstrate how to properly use each product. With the right instruction, you will have the confidence of knowing that your equipment will run efficiently. If you find yourself with questions, or needing help operating your unit, our exceptional technical support team is always available to assist you.

Video Center