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Dehumidification can be complicated. So if you have a question.

Dehumidifiers extract moisture from the air, and transfer it to a heat exchanger that transforms the air into vapor. The vapor then condenses on the condensing tube, where the water is disposed of through the draining duct.

1. Check the temperature range, and ensure that it has been plugged in correctly.

2. Visit www.unipdry.com, click on the FAQ page, and register any of the questions you may have on our products. Once you contact our service department, we will get back to you with a solution as quickly as possible.

3. You may also contact us through our service department by sending an email to sales@unipdry.com, or calling 888-994-0895. You may also get in contact with us through any of our local distributors.

First, ensure that the unit is placed on a firm, flat surface. Then check the filter to ensure that it is not jammed. If you notice that the filter mesh is jammed, simply remove and clean it.

Check the owner’s manual for error codes. If you no longer have your manual, you may also find one at unipdry.com under Manuals & Product Resources. For any other inquiries, contact us directly at 888-994-0895.

The equipment is guaranteed to last for at least 8 years, or more.

Yes, some of our products have CE and ETL certifications.

You may find and print out a copy of your owner’s manual on our website unipdry.com under the Manuals & Product Resources tab. Otherwise, you may call 888-994-0895 and we will fax or email a copy to you free of charge.

Ensure that all water in the unit is thoroughly drained to prevent cracking. Please note that the units are not weatherized, and should not be placed outside in extreme temperatures or rain.

Always be sure that your unit is serviced by a certified HVAC technician. You may also deliver the unit to our warehouse for service. To learn more about this process, please call our service department at 888-994-0895.

Please review the Uni-P Dry return policy at www.unipdry.com.

You may ship the unit by FedEX Express Saver.

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