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Why Use Dehumidifiers for Indoor Swimming Pools?

While indoor swimming areas are certainly an asset to your home, it is important to adequately maintain the environment to ensure the safety and comfort of visitors and loved ones. A dehumidifier is an invaluable tool to control the humidity and keep mold, bacteria, and fungus at bay.

How it Works

The Uni-P Dry dehumidifier works by sucking in the humid air, and passing it through a cold coil. This allows the water vapor in the surrounding air to condense into liquid water that can be drained outside.

Some of the primary reasons to use a dehumidifier in your indoor swimming pool or spa include: 

To Improve Air Circulation

In the past, owners of indoor swimming pools had to continuously remove humidity in the air using expensive equipment that also increased their energy bills. This inefficient equipment has now become obsolete thanks to Uni-P Dry’s technology. Our dehumidifiers use state-of-the-art technology to control the humidity of your indoor swimming pool, while remaining compact and energy-efficient.

Controlling Humidity

When pool water is heated to obtain a more comfortable temperature, it generates excessive amounts of water vapor. In turn, the humidity levels are elevated, which can damage the ceiling, the floors, and other surfaces. A dehumidifier absorbs the extra water vapor, and reduces humidity, to ensure that mold and mildew have no chance to form or grow. When humidity levels are low, it also helps to eliminate metal corrosion and wood rot. Controlled humidity creates a more comfortable environment, helps save money, and keeps the pool looking newer longer.

Helps to Lower Temperature

The summer months are notorious for high temperatures and high humidity, making an indoor pool area quite uncomfortable. A dehumidifier makes the air feel cooler, and improves the air quality so that you and your guests can breathe easily and enjoy your time relaxing by the pool.

Increases Temperature During the Cold Season

If you do not have the money to spend on pool heating systems, purchasing a Uni-P Dry dehumidifier will make the area around your swimming pool more comfortable without wasting energy. When the area gets colder, the dehumidifier will heat it to the desired temperature to maximize comfort.


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Rated 5.00 out of 5
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