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Importance of Installing Dehumidifiers in Government Offices, Schools and Hotels

Dehumidifiers are designed specifically to regulate the level of humidity in any area. They are portable gadgets, but can also be permanently installed in any specified space to help balance humidity levels, reduce allergens, and address a variety of additional breathing issues within that area to make it more comfortable for inhabitants. It is estimated that more than 60 percent of our time is spent indoors. Ensuring that the air around your home is clean and free of excessive moisture, mold, and bacteria is essential. During a study of 12 public learning institutions, they found a 20 percent decrease in cases of absenteeism in those schools following a 20 – 30% decrease in relative humidity. When the weather is cold, the air often plummets below 40% RH (relative humidity) when the indoor atmosphere is rendered dry by the heating systems. At this point, the air will try to draw moisture from other sources including our bodies, items like textiles and wood, pets, and the fabric in our home. When this happens, you will begin to feel dehydrated and become more vulnerable to ailments from dry skin to illness. Installing a Uni-P Dry dehumidifier will help to alleviate these issues.

The Importance of Dehumidifiers Health Issues

Facilities such as schools and hotels play host to so many people, significantly increasing the risk of airborne illnesses. Viruses like influenza find it extremely difficult to thrive at a humidity level that is above 40%. The mucous present in our throat and nose acts as a natural security guard for our bodies, and helps to safeguard against airborne contaminants. The moment this mucous dries up, the immune system becomes weaker.
  • Skin and Hair– Cracking of the skin are common during dry weather. This occurs mostly on hands. If the condition persists, you are likely to witness your hair developing split ends making look duller.
  • Dust – Humidity reduces the effect of dust; hence, removing it from the environment. Thus, dry weather promotes the prevalence of airborne contaminants.All said and done, the use of dehumidifiers in classrooms can help to enhance the quality of air in schools.
  • Dampness – Considering the fact that public places harbor a large number of people, they are likely to be more susceptible to dampness. In order to manage such situations, a humidifier must be installed.
  • Mold – In order to stop the growth of mold in public facilities, it is important to install a dehumidifier to control the humidity in the air.
  • Odors – Places with many people such as hotels are bound to experience a variety of unpleasant odors. These can be remedied by using dehumidifiers to help clean up the surrounding air.
  • Creating a Comfortable Environment – No matter where you happen to be – in or out, foul-smelling, humid air won’t appeal to you. Installing a dehumidifier in crowded areas like school halls can greatly help to eradicate the menace.
  • Protecting Wooden Structures – Most government facilities are made of wood. They also experience excessive moisture, which may lead to humid air condensing on the wooden structures. This is a serious issue as it could cause significant, costly damage. Using a dehumidifier in such areas helps to avert this problem.
  • Elimination of Dust Mites – Dehumidifiers play a critical role when it comes to controlling dust mites. By keeping them at bay, the quality of the surrounding air is enhanced, preventing allergy attacks and other breathing issues.

  • Doorstop – The time may arise when a doorstop becomes handy because of excess humidity. Deploying aUni-P Dry dehumidifier is perhaps the best way to sort out this issue.

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