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Smart Wi-fi App

Following a field market survey and user research, Uni-p Dry developed three apps for dehumidifiers in different environments over the course of three years. Following five years of market verification, we achieved successful results. Using Uni-p Dry​’s innovative apps can help you conserve time and resources, while satisfying your need for high-quality dehumidification equipment.

Meet Uni-p Dry

Optimize Your Time

Our easy-to-use smart dehumidifier helps to maximize your time.

New Features

1. Our Free App

Download - Register - Activate in just three minutes.

2. Quikcly add Dehumidifier

Pairing your unit with the app is simple, fast, and only needs to be done once.

3. Easy to Control

Control your unit anytime, anywhere using a wifi connection.

4. View Dehumidifier Details

Check in on your unit to gather information including the temperature, relative humidity, grains per pound, and more!

5. View Graphic Data

Measure your unit’s efficiency in real time with easy-to-read graphic data.

6. Equipment List

Gather detailed information for other devices quickly and easily with our equipment list.

APP Videos

Wi-Fi Connected Manual for Android

Wi-Fi Connected Manual for iOS

Direct Connected Manual (Suitable for Android and iOS)