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6 Effective Ways To Dry Carpets16 Dec

How do you wash your carpet? There are many ways to clean your carpet, and hot water extraction (steam cleaning) is one of the most efficient methods. It uses high-pressure water heated to extremely high temperatures to wash carpets. Typically, the carpet should take 6 to 12 hours to dry after cleaning. However, it is also affected by humidity, air temperature, and air circulation.

And one thing we should keep in mind is that we can walk across the carpet only the carpet is completely dry. Because damp carpets are easy to leave the stain if you walk through the carpet before it is completely dry, some dirt and compressed pile may stay on the carpet. So, if you need to walk on a wet carpet, make sure you take off your shoes and walk along the edge of the carpet.

How to reduce the drying process, six ways can help you.

  1. Use a fan

After cleaning the carpet, you can turn on the ceiling fan to increase the air circulation in the indoor space. And if you don’t have a ceiling fan, you can use any other fans.

  1. Invest the dehumidifier

Investing in a dehumidifier is the most feasible way to speed up the process of carpet drying. The dehumidifier works by absorbing the moisture in the air and collecting it in the tank or draining the water directly through the pipe. UNIPDRY dehumidifier using gravity drainage and continuous pump drainage, so you don’t need to check the water storage, and it can automatically drain the water.

  1. Turn on the air conditioning

Turning on the air conditioner speeds up the drying process as well. Air conditioners can lower the temperature of the room. They also remove moisture from the air. But the cost of air conditioning dehumidification is higher than a dehumidifier. And compared with air conditioning, the dehumidifier is more efficient.

  1. Purchase the air mover

An air mover can help control humidity, enhance air circulation and regulate temperature. The Uni-P Vantix 3500  is cETL listed and comes with a 10-year warranty. The safest fan with circuit breaker protector and GFCI convenience receptacle to protect connected loads and onboard components. This unit works by quick evaporation and drying. And it has a two-motor air mover that delivers an air stream of over 3000 CFM. Therefore, water evaporates more quickly from the carpet, pad, sub-floor, wall, and sill plate.

  1. Increase the ventilation

When the weather is good, if the weather is hot and dry, you can open the door window to let fresh outdoor air come in can accelerate carpet dry. Instead, when it’s cold and wet because that backfires on you.

  1. Regular cleaning

Dirty carpets take longer to clean, which takes longer to dry. Accordingly, regular carpet vacuuming and seasonal cleaning can quicken the carpet to dry after cleaning.