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How to keep the ideal humidity in your home?22 Nov

Many reasons can cause the humidity in your home. Your life routine can create moisture, like shower and cooking. And the Failure of the water system, including burst pipes and leaky faucets. In addition, the temperature also can affect the humidity level. There is less moisture in the air when the indoor temperature is low, and you can find condensation on the cold metal surface. It is also the perfect environment for mold to grow.
How to control your home moisture? There are many ways can help you to do it.
1. Check the place that naturally is more damper, like bathroom, kitchen, and the area close to the water sources. If you find some leaks and seepage, fix it as soon as possible because the biological pollutant can breed humility.
2. You also need to inspect the crawl space. This is an area that may be easily overlooked. You should ensure that the crawl space is well-ventilated, and you should cover the dirt to deter the moisture from coming from the ground.
3. Use the exhaust fan to remove the moisture in the kitchen and bathroom.
4. If you notice some condensation on the windows or other surfaces, you should close the humidifiers or heaters.
5. Install storm windows and insulation indoors to increase air circulation and promote the flow of air and heat to raise the temperature of cold surfaces where water condenses. You can also increase airflow by opening doors between rooms and making sure your house has a source of fresh air that can drain excess moisture by using fans and moving furniture away from corners.
6. Carpets are hygroscopic and place biological contaminants to grow, so they need to be cleaned frequently. Especially when the carpet is installed on a concrete floor, you can use a moisture-proof layer, such as plastic sheeting, over the concrete and cover the insulation with plywood to prevent dampness.
7. Sometimes, we need to according to the different weather to adapt the corresponding measure. In the Southeast US, we can not use an evaporative cooler due to the hot and humid weather, and it can grow mold. In addition, different types of construction also need specific solutions.
8. UNIPDRY is a company specializing in dehumidification and water damage restoration. And with increasingly developed technology, UNIPDRY successfully produced the WiFi control dehumidifier. For the WiFi control unit, make sure that you install it in a sealed space and the unit is straightforward to operate. You can plug and play. And it also can remotely work. In addition, the condensate pump drainage achieved the automatic drain of the unit, so you don’t have to empty the tank by yourself. The dehumidifier also has the function of automatic humidistat control, memory starting, and low temperature running. All in all, it’s an excellent choice to make your house dry and clean and bring you and your family healthy living space.