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How to Protect Stored Steel and Iron from Moisture?19 Oct

Moisture will not only make steel and iron rust, product value decline, directly affecting the company’s benefits. In addition, there are many other adverse effects of humidity, such as:
Products like plate girders, rolled steel, iron, and semi-finished products are corroded by moisture in the air.
The value of rusted steel products declines.
The storage and operation cost of steel products is high.
Due to defects in the product supply, the rate of consumer warranty claims has soared.
Why keep steel and iron products away from moisture?
It is well known that humidity in the air is the leading cause of metal surface corrosion. Because moisture in the air of the warehouse will inevitably lead to corrosion of steel products, the value of the corroded steel products will decrease, and customer claims will increase. As a result, customer satisfaction declines, and the company’s reputation suffers.
How to solve corrosion and other problems caused by moisture?
How to control humidity, prevent corrosion and maintain product quality? According to the basic laws of physics, products will not rust if humidity is kept below 45 percent at all times. Installing an Unipdry dehumidifier can help you achieve desired humidity levels and safely store steel products by controlling air humidity. If the quality of steel is guaranteed, customer complaints can be eliminated, and consumer satisfaction with the product and the company can be improved. In addition, with fewer claims, storage operating costs will be relatively lower. Storage of steel products will suffer minimal humidity damage using our dehumidifiers. In addition, our dehumidifiers provide you with the most energy-efficient system that can help you reduce your energy bills.