How to Remove Condensation from Double Glazing06 Oct

During the winter months, the cold air can cause humidity to collect inside of double-paned windows. Not only is the additional condensation not aesthetically pleasing, but it can compromise the integrity of the window. The condensation can also cause moisture to leak into your home, allowing mold to develop on curtains, furniture, and other surfaces in the area.
To eliminate condensation, it is important to reduce the humidity, and prevent the air from leaking into your home. You can accomplish this by using high-quality packing and weather stripping to improve insulation, and fill all windows where the frame meets the wall, around the door frame, and around the window frame.

From there, you will want to fill any holes or cracks in the ceiling, walls, floors, and basements to prevent air from seeping into the house. Cover all windows that are affected by condensation with a plastic sheet to reduce air leaks, and to warm them up.

To further eliminate condensation, you may want to consider improving the indoor air circulation by opening curtains, and removing any furniture that is blocking the windows that can impair air flow, and lead to mold growth.

A useful tool to have on hand is a hygrometer to monitor the humidity levels in your home. The ideal amount of humidity is between 30-40%. Levels that are too high can cause condensation, while levels that are too low can lead to the drying of skin and nasal passages, making the environment uncomfortable to live in. Regularly checking the humidity levels will allow you to maintain optimal moisture in the air so that your home is safe and comfortable at all times.

Some great ways to reduce humidity are:

●Turn on the kitchen fan during and after cooking.
●Use the vent in the bathroom during and after hot showers or baths.
●Use outdoor fans only, as fans leading to the attic can lead to further moisture issues.
●Cut back on the use of washing machines and dishwashers, which increase humidity levels.

The most effective, consistent way to control humidity is to deploy a high-quality dehumidifier in any problem areas to prevent any moisture issues.