Uni-P Renegade 140X Dehumidifier

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  • 【275 PPD Dehumidifier】:Large water removal capacity of up to 275 Pints (43.37 Gallons) per day at saturation, and 140 PPD (18 Gallons) per day at AHAM. In a space as large as 3,800 square feet, this heavy-duty dehumidifier can fit virtually every commercial and industrial need.
  • 【Industrial & Commercial Grade DehumidifierThis high-efficiency dehumidifier operates at a high airflow rate of 440 CFM, ideal for removing dampness and moisture for flood & restoration, carpet cleaning, basements/cellars, laundry rooms, de-flooding. Sized for up to 3,800 sq.ft.
  • 【Easy Operation】:Features internal cleaning and pump service. This commercial dehumidifier features an automatic restart after power outages, auto defrost, and continuous drainage (built-in pump) for effortless humidity control.
  • 【Easy Mobility, Dry anywhere】With large semi-pneumatic wheels and a sturdy bar handle, this large industrial size dehumidifier is easy and safe to transport from job to job, and even from downstairs to upstairs.
  • 【5 Years Warranty, Robust Construction】We believe in quality and after-sales service. This cETL listed dehumidifier is made of a stainless steel casing, ensuring long-term use and easy maintenance.

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The Uni-P Renegade 140X dehumidifier is built and designed for longevity and durability. Built with the SLGR advanced dehumidification technology, the Uni-P Renegade 140X dehumidifier can remove at least 140 pints of water per day at AHAM.

The Uni-P Renegade 140X dehumidifier SLGR technology ensures this unit is able to remain highly efficient even in high-temperature conditions exceeding 130 degrees fahrenheit.

The Uni-P Renegade 140X dehumidifier features a high-impact, roto-molded housing that protects the unit while being transported. The dehumidifier should always remain upright while operating or when being moved.


  • Auto-dehumidistat – The Uni-P Renegade 140X dehumidifier is controlled by a dehumidistat with a setting from 35% to 90% relative humidity. The unit will also turn on and off automatically depending on the humidity changes in the air.
  • Low humidity dehumidification – The Uni-P Renegade 140X dehumidifier has the ability to continue lowering the humidity levels even at below 30% relative humidity. This is what sets this unit apart from all other dehumidifiers on the market.
  • Condensate pump – This unit is equipped with an internal condensation pump that is capable of pumping the condensed water over 14.7 feet from the condensation hose.
  • Fitted with four casters for easy movement from one place to the other.
  • Air filtration – The Uni-P Renegade 140X dehumidifier is fitted with MERV-1 Filter and MERV – 10 filters, which are able to trap even the smallest mold spores, allergens, and dust particles. This improves the quality of your indoor air and reduces respiratory problems and allergies.

Note:To achieve the desired dehumidification results with The Uni-P Renegade 140X dehumidifier,the space must be free of water intrusion or excessive fresh outdoor air infiltration. All water intrusion and air infiltration problems should be fixed before installation.


  • SLGR Technology
  • Large water removal capacity up to 275 pints (Saturation) per day
  • Automatically monitor and intelligently control dehumidification
  • Auto-diagnosis system: Get troubleshooting tips from the error codes
  • Auto defrosting function allows low-temperature operation
  • Turns ON/OFF automatically
  • MERV-1 Filter and MERV-10 Filter: Protects internal components from the damage of dust
  • Continuous pump drainage: Drain hose included
  • Stainless steel sousing: Practically indestructible, resists dents and scratches
  •  Easy mobility: Fixed stainless steel handle and 4 Wheels

Applicable Places:

  •  Large basements, warehouses, garages, attic, etc.
  • Office, workshop, schools, supermarkets, restaurants, gymnasiums, etc.
  • Museums, libraries, art galleries, archives, computer rooms, labs, etc.
  • Any area affected by high humidity from flooding or water leakage

Warm Tip

The amount of daily water removal varies depending on environmental conditions


    Model     Uni-P Renegade 140X
    SLGR Microchannel     Excellent In Low Humidity and High Temperature
    Power     115V/60HZ, 8.3 Amps
    Size For     Up to 3,800Sq. FT
    Filter     MERC-10 and MERV-1 Filter
    Air flow     440 CFM, 680 CMH
    Sound Pressure Level     <60 DBA
    Refrigerant     R410A
    Wheel     4 Wheels
    Draining     Condensate Pump
    Defrosting Control System     Automatic Defrosting
    Functioning Temperature Range     33~110ºF
    Functioning Humidity Range     35~90%
    Capacity(115V,60HZ)     140 Pints/Day
    Capacity(115V60HZ)     275Pints/Day
    COP     2.74 L/Kwh
    Weight     114.6 Ibs
    Dim(W*H*D)     33.9"(L) x"18.1(W) x19.3"(H)
    Loading quantity     40"H: 152 Sets

20 reviews for Uni-P Renegade 140X Dehumidifier

  1. Valeria Lawrence

    I live in Texas, it’s hot and humid in the summer. Even if we use our AC all the time, some areas of our home are humid. So I got this dehumidifier to help out. I was surprised at all of the features it has for the price. After running this dehumidifier for a few hours, I could feel the difference it makes. It really does work well and is a great value for the price.

  2. Meg Herbert

    What a fierce beast, this is a very powerful machine, he has amazing ability to dehumidify, my home is very humid, since I bought this beast, my home has become dry, I can’t believe it The thing is, I have been running for a few hours, and the humidity in my home has dropped to a normal level. I like this beast very much.

  3. Arlo Moulin

    I lived on a hillside and was surrounded by lots of trees. I mainly use this humidifier in my 3000 square feet basement, where it can get really wet and humid when it rains. It sucks because my family sometimes likes to hang out there since it is basically where the man cave is. My normal humidifier is smaller and has enough power in some basement parts, but not all. This humidifier gets the job done! It removes all moisture in the air, and my family can finally be comfortable. It does have four wheels on them, so it makes it easier to move around.

  4. Wade Evans

    I have an enormous and very humid basement. This Dehumidifier works excellent! From the minute I plugged it in, it has been very efficiently removing moisture. I can feel the drop in humidity when I enter the basement. Items stored in the basement no longer feel a bit damp. In addition, this unit is straightforward to operate and maneuver to any desired location. And the price point is very reasonable. I have spent much more on a unit that did not work this well in the past. I highly recommend this Dehumidifier.

  5. Gavin Yeates

    I bought this dehumidifier because it is the newest model, and it has a more up-to-date controller panel. It takes the moisture out of the air fast, real fast. So far, everything is perfect!

  6. Jacqueline Lucas

    I’ve been using it for about a week now, and it has vastly improved my basement humidity. It is an excellent dehumidifier. It is easy to use, and I’m delighted with my purchase.

  7. Dana Berkeley

    We bought this dehumidifier, and it has been fantastic! We have a lot of sliding glass doors in our house, and they let in a lot of humidity from outside. This dehumidifier removes a lot of water. If you have a humid environment, I would strongly suggest that you buy this unit.

  8. Abel Nick

    This unit came double boxed in heavy-duty cardboard. Set up was easy, and it moved the air. Amazing! It feels so much better down there now! A must-buy.

  9. Bella Kelvin

    Even with the A/C running, our house stays very humid in the summer. Do these units need a drip pan? The humidity even makes it hard to dry my hair after a shower! I saw some smaller countertop units and saw reviews that are not effective. I m glad I read and got this floor unit. Perfect!

  10. Vera Betsy

    We are super satisfied with this dehumidifier! We bought it for our basement. It gets the humidity down very efficiently, and it is a higher quality unit.

  11. Jesse Vince

    This dehumidifier is exactly what I needed. It significantly reduces the humidity, and especially nice is the unit’s easy maneuverability with its sturdy wheels and handle. The noise of it is just like a window air conditioner. Also, this device pumps out the water automatically sets up the hose either to the sink or outdoor, which is good that you don’t need to empty the water every few hours by hand. I recommend this commercial dehumidifier!

  12. Faithe Haydn

    We bought this unit to keep a room in Florida that had developed moisture issues dry, after I turned this baby on, and then I could feel it in the air, it was noticeably drier and more comfortable and fresh. The surface of this dehumidifier is very glossy and sleek, and it works like a beast!

  13. Armand Nahum

    I use half of my garage for storage, and the high humidity was causing damage. So I am using this in a garage, and it’s nothing short of amazing. Just pull it out of the box, glance over the instructions, and plug it in.
    It takes up very little space but removes humidity like a rock star! That’s a lot of damaging moisture gone.

  14. Earl Kingsley

    I have a finished basement with some humidity I wanted to keep in check, which got worse when I had guests showering down there. This dehumidifier surprised me, and it is very convenient. Just take it out and plug it in. It could work perfectly. Four wheels are equipped at the bottom of it. It is effortless to move it from one room to another, even to another house.

  15. Melissa Ward

    I purchased this unit because my basement has been too humid. After setup, It works great! It has all but eliminated the musty odor and other smells coming from the unfinished basement and it appears to help the HVAC work more efficiently. I am very happy with this product and can’t believe the great value it offers at an affordable price.

  16. Phillips Elma

    We live on the Oregon coast. It’s wet here. After sealing the crawl space, we set up this unit to maintain 50% relative humidity under the house. It also had the effect of lowering the moisture throughout the house. The unit is also very quiet. Our floors are insulated, and you can not hear the unit in the house.

  17. Dylan Dreyer

    I have only had this unit for a few weeks, but so far, so good! I recently bought an old house with a dirt-floor basement, so it was recommended I buy a commercial-grade dehumidifier by my inspector to manage the moisture level down there.

  18. Karen Henry

    This commercial machine arrived perfectly. I unboxed and had the unit running in just a few minutes. I love that it has a built-in pump too. I was also shocked at how quiet it is while in operation. I have a small office/home theater in my basement and am not bothered by the noise while this unit is running.

  19. Jennifer Maurice

    I’m thrilled with my decision to purchase this unit. I was looking for something mainly to help with humidity in my basement during the hot summer months, but I also wanted something portable to move into my garage when needed. When all the rain or snow from our car fills the garage with moisture, this unit has no problems pulling it from the air.

  20. Icelyn Lavigne

    This is the best product I have ever used. It has a good dehumidification efficiency and can help me deal with damp problems very well. I like this product very much.

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Community Q&A

Q: Is the coil of the dehumidifier coated with epoxy?

A: The Uni-P Renegade 140X dehumidifier has epoxy-coated coils to prevent corrosion and extend the service life of the coils.

Q: What is the length of the drain pipe of the dehumidifier?

A: The length of the drainpipe of the Uni-P Renegade 140X dehumidifier is 19.6 feet.

Q: Can the filter equipped with this dehumidifier be cleaned and reused?

A: The Uni-P Renegade 140X dehumidifier is equipped with a washable air filter, which can be reused after drying.

Q: Does the dehumidifier automatically detect errors when it fails?

A: When the Uni-P Renegade 140X dehumidifier fails, the control panel will display an error code, which is convenient for you to quickly locate the cause of the failure and maintain it.

Q: What type of compressor is equipped with this dehumidifier?

A: The Uni-P Renegade 140X dehumidifier is equipped with a rotary compressor.

Q: Does the SLGR dehumidifier automatically defrost?

A: Uni-P Renegade 140X dehumidifier has an automatic defrost function, allowing low-temperature operation.

Q: Can the dehumidifier be controlled remotely via the remote control?

A: This Uni-P Renegade 140X dehumidifier can be controlled remotely by a wired remote control, and the remote control is sold separately.