Uni-P Renegade 160X Dehumidifier

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  • 【285 PPD Dehumidifier】:Capacity 285 PPD at saturation condition and 160 PPD at AHAM only with 11.4 A. This large capacity dehumidifier works well for urgent disaster restoration, fast structural drying, and other jobs that require rapid drying.
  • 【Industrial & Commercial Grade DehumidifierThis high-efficiency dehumidifier operates at a high airflow rate of 400 CFM. Ideal for removing damp and moisture from flood & restoration, carpet cleaning, basements/cellars, laundry rooms, de-flooding, drying. Sized for Up to 4,000 sq. ft.
  • 【Easy Operation】:Features internal cleaning and pump service. This commercial dehumidifier also features automatic restart after power outages, auto defrost, and continuous drainage (built-in pump) for effortless humidity control.
  • 【Easy Mobility, Dry anywhere】With 2 wheels and a sturdy bar handle, this large industrial-size dehumidifier is easy and safe to transport from job to job, and even from downstairs to upstairs.
  • 【5 Years Warranty, Robust Construction】We believe in quality and after-sales service. This cETL listed dehumidifier is made of a roto-mold casing that ensures long-term use and easy maintenance.

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The Uni-P Renegade 160x dehumidifier is a large and super-low grain refrigerated SLGR dehumidifier. Built and designed to be effective at moisture removal, this unit can lower the relative humidity into the single-digit percentage of 9% R.H., even at high temperatures exceeding 130 degrees Fahrenheit. This allows the space to dry a lot quicker.

The Uni-P Renegade 160X dehumidifier remains the preferred choice for most water damage and restoration experts thanks to its ability to tackle even the toughest jobs, delivering exceptional results.

The Uni-P Renegade 160X dehumidifier features a high-impact, roto-molded housing that protects the unit from the extreme conditions it is deployed in, and any impact damage while being moved. The dehumidifier should always remain upright while operating, or when being moved.


  1. Pre-cooling efficiency – The Uni-P Renegade 160X dehumidifier uses a pre-cooling system that allows previously-cooled air to cool the incoming air. This way the unit is able to use up less power cooling the air. This dehumidifier is able to remove over 8 pints of water for every KWH used.
  2. Auto-dehumidistat – The Uni-P Renegade 160X dehumidifier is controlled by a dehumidistat with settings from 35% to 90% relative humidity. The unit will also turn on and off automatically depending on the humidity changes in the air.
  3. Low humidity dehumidification – The Uni-P Renegade 160X dehumidifier’s ability to keep lowering the humidity levels even below 20% relative humidity is what sets this unit apart from all other dehumidifiers on the market.
  4. Condensate pump – This unit is equipped with an internal condensation pump that is capable of pumping the condensed water 14.7ft  from the condensate hose. This way you will never have to worry about ever emptying a water collection tray.

Note:To achieve the desired dehumidification results with The Uni-P Renegade 160X dehumidifier, the space must be free of water intrusion or excessive fresh outdoor air infiltration. All water intrusion and air infiltration problems should be fixed before installation.


✔ 285 pints at saturation (44.825 gallons) per day

✔ Easy Mobility: Fixed handle and 2 wheels

✔ Automatically monitor and intelligently control dehumidification

✔ See the GPP number on the display board at a glance

✔ Auto-defrosting function allows low-temperature operation

✔ Washable MERV-10:Protects internal components from dust

✔ Continuous Pump Drainage: Drain hose included

Applicable Places:

✔ Large basements, warehouses, garages, attic, etc.

✔ Office, workshop, schools, supermarkets, restaurants, gymnasiums, etc.

✔ Museums, libraries, art galleries, archives, computer rooms, labs, etc.

✔ Any area affected by high humidity from flooding or water leakage.


    模型     Uni-P Renegade 160X
    SLGR微通道     在低湿度和高温下表现出色
    力量     115V / 60赫兹
    尺寸     高达4,000平方英尺
    筛选     MERV-8过滤器
    空气流动     400CFM,680CMH
    声压级     <60 DBA
    制冷剂     R410A
    车轮     2小轮
    排水     冷凝水泵
    除霜控制系统     自动除霜
    工作温度范围     33.8〜110℉
    工作湿度范围     35〜95%
    容量115V(80ºF-60%)     160品脱/天
    容量115V(80ºF-60%)     285品脱/天
    容量115V(饱和时最大)     2.8升/千瓦时
    重量     99磅
    昏暗(宽*高*深)     33.1英寸(长)x 21.7英寸(宽)x 18.5英寸(高)
    装货数量     40“ H:120套; 40”:280套; 20“:280套

20 reviews for Uni-P Renegade 160X Dehumidifier

  1. Rachel Platten

    I purchased this unit for my subterranean, 90-year-old, damp basement. Hands down, this dehumidifier is the best I have ever had; it’s commercial grade. It is placed directly on the floor within reach of a drain. I don’t have to think about it any further. I set the control to the desired humidity, and the unit takes care of the rest. Its also made of corrosion-resistant parts so that it will last many years. But Unipdry has an EXCELLENT customer service department. Very responsive to all my emails, and they answer questions thoroughly.

  2. Gigi Hadid

    I bought this as a basement/crawlspace dehumidifier. I researched quite a few other dehumidifiers, and this one had all the best ratings overall. I wish the drain line were a little longer, but it is of excellent quality. The noise level is extremely low, and I never hear it even though I’m right above it a lot of the time. I haven’t noticed it turning off once it hits the desired humidity level, but I haven’t been able to catch it at that time. Easy to use!

  3. Caleb Followill

    It does well for SW Virginia and the humidity that can feel like a jungle at times. If you have a big basement like mine, this is the unit to get. It is straightforward to install and hook up. Simple to use, and all the instructions and filters are easy to understand and change. All you have to do is plug it in and select the settings you need. This one unit keeps our entire basement dry. The built-in filtration is a huge plus. You really can smell the difference.

  4. Kevin Lazan

    I would recommend this unit for anyone who has a damp problem in their crawl space. The department operates as flawlessly and rigorously as advertised. Great value and Great product! The wood moisture level has dropped from 17 and 18% down to 11 and 12%.

  5. Cora Georgia

    I figured this machine would be very valuable during our humid summers. What has surprised me is how much excess moisture is in my home. It’s compact, amazingly quiet, lightweight, and the unit is working perfectly and getting the job done!

  6. Saoirse Reign

    This Machine works well with less noise than others I have purchased. As it ran in my basement, the noise was of no concern to me, so I could not agree on the noise level. AS for value, I did not have flood insurance, so I had no insurance coverage. I purchased the dehumidifier instead of hiring a restoration company, and I would say it has been a good value.

  7. Emily Pansy

    I would highly recommend this unit. It does a fantastic job in our large shop keeping the humidity where it should be and steadily maintaining it. It’s easy to set up and start using immediately. Shipping was fast and arrived in great condition.

  8. James Matthews

    Good unit, well built as a tank, Works as designed, easy to use controls. The operation manual is easy to read and follow. Excellent customer service!

  9. Paul Smith

    I figured this machine would be very valuable during our humid summers. I was amazed at how much water is sucked out of the air so quickly! Because the house suddenly became dry. For indoor humidity issues, I would recommend 100%.

  10. Julia Beard

    Our basement has had the moisture problem for so many years and the recent big rain made it worst. We brought this dehumidifier to help it out while we were working to fix this problem. This product works amazingly. I was pleased with the amount of water pulled from the air and I have noticed the towels are drying faster after showers.

  11. Bella Smedley

    I bought the dehumidifier based on a friend’s experience. We purchased it because we had a foundation leak in the basement. This machine is no joke, I was surprised by how quickly this happened! It reached the desired humidity level the next day. Somewhat pricy but good value for the money!

  12. Peter Archibald

    This unit is powerful. The outer plastic is sturdy. The included hose is not cheap plastic, but quality rubber. It runs quietly and was able to significantly reduce the humidity level in a very large crawl space.

  13. Gary Patience

    I was quite pleased when the unit arrived. Very smooth and simple unit. This gives me great peace of mind knowing that the humidity levels are not an issue when the home is left closed up for months. If you are on the fence on this unit don’t be, you’ll be glad you got it.

  14. Julian Walter

    Works great. Was a bit leery about buying such a big item from Amazon but priced right, nicely packed, arrived quickly un-damaged, and placed just inside my front door. I had an inundation in the crawlspace under my house. This was missed for several months. There was a “musty” smell inside the house coming from the crawlspace. After fixing the cause of the inundation, I was able to install this unit in the crawlspace and after running the unit, the musty smell was gone. Nice and quiet. Awesome unit, go for it.

  15. Arlen Graham

    This dehumidifier works better than any we have had. It’s quiet as well. Love its compact size but fast removal of moisture. I’m impressed with this new dehumidifier and would recommend the company to anyone needing a new dehumidifier. A company is only as good as their customer and warranty. In my experience, this company has outstanding customer service and stands behind the product it makes and ships.

  16. Tracy Christy

    I was having condensation on my windows. This is not good as it can lead to mold problems. This has cleared my issue right up and also it redistributes warm air into my apartment as an added bonus. It’s sleek and stylish. It’s energy efficient. I have been running it 24 hours straight since I got it and my hydro bill is still within range. Everything else is great and works as it should.

  17. Jennifer Betty

    This product works great in my work/office from home. It’s relatively quiet and the service level from Unipdry was absolutely wonderful, I was originally not using the equipment properly and thought it wasn’t working, but after talking with their service consultant, they helped me figure it out. Perfect customer service.

  18. Ulysses Evans

    I have not had very good luck with dehumidifiers in the past. A friend of mine purchased this dehumidifier and told me to give it a try. It really draws the moister from the room, and I don’t smell the musky odor that I have had in the past. You won’t go wrong purchasing this product. It’s an awesome machine that really works, and the warranty is outstanding.

  19. Jenny Gracie

    So far, so good. I just bought a house and I realized my house is kinda wet. Whenever I go home, I do not feel very comfortable and things easily get mildewed. After I got this Dehumidifier, I could tell the big difference. I feel very comfortable in my house now!

  20. Lily Smith

    Bought this dehumidifier to help with keeping humidity down in my small greenhouse. Pretty easy to use. Just plug and play. The built-in pump is amazing. Where I’m at gets pretty humid during the early mornings and so far with this, I wake up every morning with zero dew on my vegetables. My only drawback is that I can’t set the desired humidity level but I can overlook that. 10/10

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Community Q&A

Q: Is this dehumidifier a plug-and-play appliance?

A: The Uni-P Renegade 160X dehumidifier is a plug-and-play device and easy to operate.

Q: Is the air filter equipped with this dehumidifier washable?

A: The Uni-P Renegade 160X dehumidifier is equipped with a washable air filter.

Q: Does this device have space for storing water pipes and power cords?

A: The Uni-P Renegade 160X dehumidifier has built-in storage space for convenient storage of cables and drain pipes.

Q: Where is the dehumidifier suitable for?

A: The Uni-P Renegade 160X dehumidifier is suitable for large Breweries, warehouses, storage areas, office buildings, restaurants, bars, indoor swimming pools, supermarkets, workshops, or any place where water needs to be extracted at a professional level.

Q: What is the compressor type of this dehumidifier?

A: The Uni-P Renegade 160X dehumidifier is equipped with a rotary compressor.

Q: What filter is equipped with this dehumidifier?

A: The Uni-P Renegade 160X dehumidifier is equipped with a G3 Filter. Thanks for your question!

Q: What certifications has the SLGR dehumidifier passed?

A: The Uni-P Renegade 160X dehumidifier has passed cETL certification. Thanks for your question!

Q: Does the dehumidifier automatically restart after a power failure?

A: This Uni-P Renegade 160X dehumidifier has the function of automatically restarting after a power failure, and you do not need to manually turn it on again.