Uni-P Pro 200X Dehumidifier

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The Uni-P Pro 200X dehumidifier was built for commercial use. This dehumidifier is built to be energy efficient while having a high capacity. This unit is able to remove 200 pints of water from the air per day while drawing under 13 amps.

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The Uni-P Pro 200X dehumidifier was built for commercial use. This dehumidifier is built to be energy efficient while having a high capacity. This unit is able to remove 200 pints of water from the air per day while drawing under 13 amps.

The Uni-P Pro 200X dehumidifier energy efficiency allows the unit to remove over 6 pints of water for every kWh used. This low energy consumption is what makes this dehumidifier one of the most preferred units for commercial spaces where owners are always concerned about their voltage use.

The Uni-P Pro 200X dehumidifier is built small and compact. Even with its high capacity, its size is comparable to the Uni-P Pro 120X dehumidifier. Its compact size allows for easy overhead installation, and its lightweight and small build allows you to easily move the unit from one space to another when needed.


  • Superior Air filtration – The Uni-P Pro 200X dehumidifier is fitted with MERV 13 filters that are capable of trapping even the smallest micro-sized mold spores, dust particles and other allergens in the air. This will protect you, your employees, and your customers from any moisture-related allergies.
  • Start memory load – The Uni-P Pro 200X dehumidifier is equipped with an auto-restart feature that allows the unit to restore previous settings automatically. This saves you from the trouble of having to preset the unit after every restart.
  • Duct dehumidification – the Uni-P Pro 200X  dehumidifier comes with three detachable duct collars:
  • Inlet: 10″ Round Duct Collar.
  • 6″ Round Duct Collar.
  • Outlet:  10″ Oval Duct Collar.

The duct can be connected to the unit using these duct collars. The ducts can be used to incorporate the Uni-P Pro 200X dehumidifier to the existing house HVAC system for easier whole-house ventilation dehumidification.

Note: To achieve the desired dehumidification results with The Uni-P Pro 200X dehumidifier, the space must be free of water intrusion or excessive fresh outdoor air infiltration. All water intrusion and air infiltration problems should be fixed before installation.

Key features :

  • Energy Star Listed
  • Compressor Type: Rotary
  • Quick and thorough
  • Condensate pump
  • Easy handling
  • Water full protection
  • Environmental R410A refrigerant
  • Automatic humidistat control
  • Memory starting
  • Epoxy powder coating
  • Continuous model
  • HVAC remote system
  • Low temperature
  • Bypass air sensor
  • Low voltage control.


Power 115V/60Hz
Current(115v/60Hz) 12.2 A ( 80°F/60%RH )
COP(115v/60Hz) 2.80L/Kwh
Size limit Up to 5,000 sq.ft
CFM(air flow) 520 CFM
Refrigerant R410A
Filter MERV 13
Display type Digital.
weight 130Ibs(59KG)
Sound level <59DBA
Draining Gravity draining
Compressor type Rotary
Defrosting control system Wind defrosting.
Dim(D*H*W) 31.4" x 19.3" x 17.8in
Capacity115V(80oF-60%) 200Pints/day
Sensible Cooling 4500 BTU/h
Wheel Adjustable wheel
Loading quantity 40”HQ: 300Sets
Ideal Functioning Humidity Range 35~95%
Functioning Temperature Range 33.8~110℉

20 reviews for Uni-P Pro 200X Dehumidifier

  1. Timothy Andrew

    Works well and keeps the basement nice and dry! I had a bit of mold and mustiness in my basement and when I run this for a few hours I notice it dries out and feels really fresh afterward. Don’t miss out!

  2. Neil Lewis

    This machine is amazing! This unit can remove 200 pints of water from the air per day while drawing under 13 amps. It is capacity and energy-saving. We run for 10 hours and the result is unbelievable. Our room has become comfortable and fresher than before. No more wet smell, no more wet air, and no more condensation on the windows the next morning. Also very easy to operate.

  3. Valentino Walsh

    After weeks of rain, my basement was getting humid and this dehumidifier solved the problem. This dehumidifier is very quiet compared to our previous one. The air in the basement has less humidity and that is a win-win for us. Highly recommend!!!

  4. Oscar Edwards

    I got this dehumidifier to replace the old one, for almost the same price I got a way more powerful machine with a wider hose and I can tell the difference in the humidity level in this basement.The product is as advertised. Very easy to set up and immediately lowered my humidity to the level desired.

  5. Cici Jones

    It is working great! I noticed a difference the first day. The musty smell was gone in a few hours and by the end of the day I could feel a difference in the living space. The dehumidifier has many feature and is perfect for any room. It doesn’t make loud sounds and it’s just silently there working to make you feel comfortable, I am very satisfied with this purchase!

  6. IIkin Toussaint

    Summarize the experience of using this unit: first, the noise level is relatively quiet when the unit is running, and it’s an energy-saving product. It uses less power than my previous dehumidifier. In addition, the unit can handle a much larger volume. What’s more, the pump works well. Moreover, the filter of this unit is easy to access and replace or clean.

  7. Ulysses Burns

    Suppose you are looking for an excellent, portable, quiet unit, and with the convenience of monitoring, I would highly recommend this unit. It does a fantastic job in our basement!

  8. Ethel Springhall

    The dehumidifier works excellent, and we have it in the damp basement. With my dehumidifier running, it holds the humidity at 50%, great value for the money!

  9. Joanne Bush

    We brought this dehumidifier to help it out while we were working to fix the basement damp problem. This unit has helped bring the humidity down efficiently and I’m very happy and highly recommend it.

  10. CarlGiles Turner

    My friend owns an HVAC business that recommended this dehumidifier to me. It did an excellent job, and it’s energy-saving for me. My bill doesn’t go up a lot. Better than my last one from another brand. And I think it’s a pretty reasonable price for this size and quality.

  11. Patrick Frances

    I bought this dehumidifier for my restaurant and it’s amazing! it is heavy-duty with a low noise level and easy to use. I 100% recommend this.

  12. Melissa Bush

    This unit works great in conjunction with the AC system to keep the humidity at 50 to 55% which is comfortable. All things considered, I am quite happy with it and I highly recommend it.

  13. Neil Yale

    I did a ton of research on dehumidifiers before buying this unit, and am extremely happy with my purchase. Overall this is a rugged, portable, and high-tech dehumidifier that is perfect for our needs.

  14. Emily Smith

    I’ve had this running for a month straight now, and it has done wonders for my wet, smelly basement! I let it continuously run into my sump pump, so I don’t have to change the water bin all the time. It took my basement from 95% humidity to 50% and took away the smell in a day!

  15. Newman Wild

    I’m so glad I got this. I noticed mold was growing on my windows and window sills. The unit definitely helped to keep the humidity down in my room and my windows are staying much drier now. So far I have no complaints about this and for the price of it, it’s an excellent unit. I highly recommend this to anyone looking for a dehumidifier at a good price.

  16. Len Penn

    The unit came in and once again the overall construction was solid and the features of this unit along with being able to control the unit with Wifi Is a wonderful feature. The unit is of great value and runs perfectly along with being quiet for the unit capacity. I will certainly look to buy another unit in the future to add to my inventory.

  17. Kelly Christiana

    This is super heavy duty and high quality. I called customer service and they were very responsive. The volume of air that a pushes out is substantial so I only run it at night. It does a great job at removing the moisture that was condensing on my windows and each morning they are nice and dry.

  18. Ella Ferdinand

    Very good quality and good communication from the manufacturer. I like that it is lightweight and easy to handle. I use dehumidifiers in my business of Water Damages. This dehu is quiet and easy to move around.

  19. Audrey Warner

    Worth the money and looks durable, it is very simple to operate and removes a lot of water from my basement. Is a little more expensive than I’d like, but it seems to be the best value I could find. Highly recommend.

  20. Lillian Herbert

    This is the perfect dehumidifier for moisture removal. It removed the humidity in my room better than expected. It’s a great little humidifier that does the job well, for a great price. I would definitely recommend it to all my friends!

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